Applications & Consulting

Applications & Consulting

The demand for applications and systems is shaped by Government’s obligation to interact more directly with citizens and…

Custom Software Development


The core product for Limpopo Connexion is broadband services i.e. broadband network infrastructure and connectivity to both the…

Fast Internet
Research, Development & Innovation

Research, Development & Innovation

The Limpopo Development plan conceptualisation is based on the National Development Plan 2030. ‘Our future make it work’…

ICT R & D Services
ICT SMMEs & Skills Development

ICT SMMEs & Skills Development

The core functions of this programme are: – To retain the educated workforce in Limpopo – To attract…

Mobile Laboratory Southern Africa

Limpopo Broadband

LIMPOPO CONNEXION BROADBAND PROJECT The project aims to provide broadband connectivity and access to over 90 per cent…

Business & Systems Analysis

Limpopo Connexion provides business and system analysis services to clients. This includes Digital Migration Strategies, Free and Open Source…

Custom Software

Limpopo Connexion has developed several Free and Open Source Software Systems, these systems can be customised to suite…

About Us

Mission & Vision


“to be a catalyst for an inclusive knowledge economy”


“to provide thought leadership for the knowledge economy” through:

   – Partnership, collaboration and continuous innovation

   – Information infrastructure and content

   – ICT skills and ICT entrepreneurship development


Limpopo Connexion has adopted the core values of the Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA). These are presented in the table below.

Value Statement

What it means in practice


  • To take responsibility for one’s actions and demonstrate the obligation to account for ones actions
  • To be considerate of the impact of what we do on society and communities as well as the impact on the environment – a focus on sustainability in all we do


  • To be results-oriented, cost effective and to be committed to superior performance
  • To strive for client / stakeholder satisfaction
  • To seek new and improved ways to do what we do and to innovate and constantly strive for improvement


  • To be professional, have a commitment to ethics and focus on justice and fairness
  • To be honest, trustworthy and do what we say we will do


  • To act in an open and transparent manner
  • To be willing to share appropriate information and skills for the betterment of others


  • To display respect for different cultures and different perspectives
  • To encourage different views and display tolerance for others

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